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Legal Services

We offer legal consultancy, drawing up of legal documents, legal representation before courts or other state authorities and in arbitration. Services are offered in Czech, English and German. We co-operate with lawyers across the entire Czech Republic and with law firms located in Germany, Switzerland, Cyprus and the United States.


We offer comprehensive services in the following areas:



  • Business law

(Corporate law, i.e. establishing new businesses in the Czech Republic and abroad, transfers of business interest, organization of shareholders’ meetings, mergers and acquisitions, liquidation of businesses, insolvencies, etc. Drawing of business contracts, e.g. contracts for work, brokerage contracts, mandate contracts, contracts for sale of business, etc.) 

  • Real estate

(Deeds of sale, transfer of title deeds, lease contracts, contracts of exchange, mortgage deeds burdening property, deeds of settlement, etc.)  

  • Civil law 
  • Administrative law 
  • Tax and financial consultancy
  • Intellectual property law
  • Labour law

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